Mendoza, Argentina


Wine, wine, glorious wine. It’s got to be Mendoza. Sitting at the feet of the Andes, which separate Argentina from Chile, Mendoza is the heartland of argentine wine and damn, it is some good stuff. Getting to Mendoza is like travelling through the middle of nowhere to get to an oasis. An oasis of wine.


Unlike many other argentine cities boasting tall buildings in their centres and a more metropolitan feel, Mendoza feels more like a large town rather than a city with everything you might look for in a city tucked in neatly to a friendly chilled out town atmosphere.

That’s not to say that there isn’t plenty going on in this exciting city. Perhaps the most obvious activity (and my favourite) is the wine trail. Hire a couple of bikes and spend an afternoon wine tasting at some of the most well known wineries in the region – just don’t go too overboard as ideally you want to arrive home in one piece from your bike ride. Also on the to do list is rafting on the Mendoza river, skiing in winter and a trip up into the Andes to visit the famous Mount Aconcagua (the highest mountain in the Americas) and the Argentine – Chilean border.  This place is a must see for adventurers and – of course – wine lovers.



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