Rosario, Argentina

Sitting on the banks of the Paraná river about 300km north of Buenos Aires is the largest city in Santa Fe, Argentina, the city of Rosario. With wide avenues and parks full of leafy trees it is, for me, a relaxing city perfect for strolling through the streets and taking in the sights.


Looking over the river Paraná

Down by the riverfront in the centre of the city you can take in the impressive Monumento a la Bandera (Monument to the flag) and even go out on a cruise on the Paraná River and take in Rosario from a distance. Craving a few relaxing days on the beach? Look no further – Rosario even has its own beach – La Florida Beach where kayaking, horse riding and bike rides are abundant.

From the boat


The bridge to Rosario

Looking towards the city

For those party rockers out there, you will be pleased with your choice of destination as Rosario has plentiful restaurants, bars and clubs – kind of like Buenos Aires but smaller with a more chillaxed atmosphere.


What I most remember about Rosario is its atmosphere. It’s a great get away for the weekend and relax but have fun at the same time kind of place and what’s more, the climate is great – warm – not sticky hot and not cold but perfectly warm. For me it’s one of those places that I would quite like to go back and explore more and maybe even live there for a while (just to add to the giant list of the places that I would like to live) but even if you don’t have your heart set on settling there it’s definitely worth checking out as it is – as us kiwis like to say – a pretty sweet spot.

Monument of the flag

La Florida beach from the river



2 responses to “Rosario, Argentina

  1. Hi Rachel, I love your account of Rosario, the city that has been my home for the last 2 years. If you ever come back here, It’ll be my pleasure to show you around. Were you here during the summer? Although it is a great city to explore all year round, I particularly love the summer here. It gets very hot and the islands opposite the city are the best places to be! I also write about Rosario on my website –

    • Hi Sabine, thanks. I only was there for a couple of days in the Spring but I would have liked to have spent longer there. One day I’m sure I’ll go back to explore it more 🙂 Well done on your website – you are right – there isn’t much info out there about Rosario so thanks for making it happen 🙂

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