Brain taco – yes please!


Thanks for taking a photo of this peculiar dish!

I know it sounds weird (even zombie-ish) but it’s for real. Here in Mexico people love brain tacos (tacos de sesos)! That is cows brains, not human brains. Anyway, it’s the kind of thing that grosses me out big time. However, one day I was tricked into eating one by none other than… my mother-in-law(she’s not technically my mother-in-law because I’m not married but for easiness she shall be the mother in law)!!!

This was in the early days, before I knew the family very well and in between not knowing what the hell sesos meant and not wanting to be rude and turn down the mother-in-law’s home cooking I ate one…

I knew what it was the moment I took a bite. It was the squishiest taco I have ever eaten. The taste was not that bad but I couldn’t remove the mental image of a brain while I was eating it and even afterwards I was still traumatized.

At least I can say that I have tried it.. I don’t think that I will do it again but I did it! I ate a brain. So for those of you who are keen to try something weird for their next meal, head on down to Mexico for a brain taco and see what you think!


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