Buenos Aires, Argentina

It really is, as everyone says, a piece of Europe in Latin America. Unlike most of it’s neighbors, Argentina is more european than latin american and Buenos Aires is the epitome of this latin american european-ness.

The streets of Palermo

Large parks, wide avenues, tall apartment buildings which look like the could be in France, thousands of cafes, bars, restaurants and shops, tango in the streets, markets in the plazas, Buenos Aires has just the right amount of latin locura to keep you interested without feeling like it will all fall apart from beneath your feet.

The Recoleta Flor

This city has something for everyone, there are plenty of great nightclubs for those who wish to party their time away, for each night of the week there is at least one place with promotions on. For wining and dining Buenos Aires has handfuls of great restaurants, especially parillas, which specialize in different cuts of meat and the specialty wine – malbec – comes straight from Argentina’s back yard winery Mendoza.

Calle Defensa, San Telmo

Graffiti Artist, San Telmo

On sundays the San Telmo market is booming, running along the length of calle Defensa, it provides delightful entertainment with live tango dancers, orchestras, baterias (marching percussion brazilian-style) and more handicrafts, clothes, antiques and souvenirs than you care to feast your eyes upon. During weekends you can also find a (clothes and accessories) designers market in Palermo’s Plaza Serrano which is worth checking out.

Market, Plaza Serrano, Palermo

Me in La Boca

In La Boca, Buenos Aires

A trip to Buenos Aires isn’t without a trip to el Caminito – a colorful strip of tango filled goodness in La Boca, a train ride out to Tigre, a stroll along the docks of modern Puerto Madero, a visit to the Presidential Palace – La Casa Rosada, and a look at the Recoleta Cemetery where the lovely Evita and several argentine presidents were laid to rest along with other former rich and famous of Buenos Aires and Argentina. You can learn to tango, go on a graffiti tour and you should definitely try out the ice cream – it’s delicious!

Puente de la Mujer, Puerto Madero

Plaza de Mayo and la Casa Rosada in the background

Plaza de Mayo, Centro

When I lived here I used to spend hours walking the streets of this city and always found something interesting and new. Buenos Aires is a city that has it all and it is a city that you can easily fall in love with – just like I did and I am still dying to go back.


6 responses to “Buenos Aires, Argentina

  1. I hear how some people love the place, others hate it so I’ll just have to go some day and make up my own mind! Thanks for providing some inspiration. Loving the photos.

    • Thanks 🙂 I realised after that I should have taken even more photos than I did!
      Admittedly at the beginning I didn’t like BA at all. It can be a difficult place sometimes. It’s all about accepting it as it is and going out and appreciating all the good things it has to offer rather than focusing on the bad.
      I checked out your blog to – also love the pictures! I hope you achieve your goal of learning spanish, it’s a great language!

  2. I was wondering if it just me thinking this place was a little average when i first got here but your right it is growing on me. I think i’ll have to check out the city on the weekend! It looks amazing in your photos

    • Thanks! I know BA is totally like that it’s a city that you gotta learn to love. There’s loads of great things to do you just gotta go out and find them. Hope you start to enjoy it more soon!

  3. I always love a blog on Buenos Aires. It’s interesting to see we also have similar photos. I made my first trip to Buenos Aires in March 2009, and yes it’s true, you do need to learn the ins and outs of the city before you really get to enjoy it. I’ve spent about two years there in total now. I must say though, any negative reviews I’ve every heard about the city have been from people that haven’t been lucky enough to stay in the right area or haven’t had enough time to find out what’s really happening in the city. So, nice work with this blog helping these people out.

    For an Argentina hit and a good Spanish lesson, for those that can’t get there soon enough, try some Argentinean movies – They’re raw and real, like Argentina: ‘Los Secretos de tus Ojos,’ is my recommendation.

    Thanks for the photos!!!!!

    • Hi, thanks for commenting. I totally agree with you it’s all about getting to know it before being able to truly enjoy it. That movie great, also a good one to check out is ‘Nueve Reinas’, I love it!

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