The State of Campeche, Mexico

State of Campeche - google maps

Although the extent of my travel in the state of Campeche is limited to road-tripping through it, stopping for camarones (shrimp) along the coast and Cenote hunting (which is actually pretty awesome) what I did manage to see of this state from my car window was simply beautiful.

Coast of Campeche - Champotón

sunset along Campeche's coast

Travelling along the highway which follows Campeche’s gulf coast, you can see numerous fishing villages, beaches, palm trees, bridges and chilled out beauty. Campeche is home to untouched Isla Aguada, the island city Ciudad del Carmen, picturesque Champotón and the clean, colonial state capital Campeche (yes it does have the same name as the state) which itself is a world heritage site.

Campeche Puerto via google images (

Ciudad del Carmen via google images (

Ciudad del Carmen via google images (

Maybe a little less known about the state of Campeche is that it has plenty of amazing archeological sites such as Edzna and Calakmul which is the largest mayan site in Mexico with over 6000 structures and is also a world heritage site. Too add some more exploration to a trip around Campeche, you can go in search of Cenotes which cover the area.

Edzná via google images (wikimedia)

Calakmul via google images (

While not exactly off the beaten track, Campeche doesn’t get quite as much tourism as it’s neighbouring Yucatán and Quintana Roo despite its potential and great opportunities to explore and discover. What’s more, it’s one of the safer states of Mexico, as long as you take normal safety precautions – the same precautions you would usually take in your hometown/city/country.

Cenote Aguazul via google images

Cenote Aguazul via google images

Campeche, for me, was a short but sweet journey and it is definitely a state which I am looking forward to exploring much more.


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