Must Try Mondays: Iguana, yes iguana.

a delicious iguana

Recently I posted about 2 great alternatives to Chichen Itzá in the Yucatán so I thought it was fitting to dedicate this Monday to a traditional dish from the area, one that I tried the very same day that I visited these two ruins, iguana.

By this point I had only been in Mexico a total of a few days however, I had seen more than my fair share of iguanas. There are so many of them they seem to resemble rabbits in NZ in the way that they are just all over the place. You will be wandering along enjoying some ruins or looking at the scenery when, you hear a rustle and shuffle and you look around to find that you almost stood, sat or rode your bike over one of these little critters. No wonder the locals in the area decided to eat them.

Anyway, part of my tour of Uxmal and Kabah included a traditional Yucatec meal and while most other people weren’t as game to try out iguana, I jumped at the chance. I’m not exactly sure why I was so ready to put an iguana on my plate, I guess the thought just didn’t scare me as much as a brain taco.

My feast of iguana came in the form of a clear iguana and vegetable soup, which highly resembled chicken vege soup and even tasted very similar. In fact if the meat hadn’t been a slightly different texture to that of chicken I would have been convinced that they were trying to trick me into believing that chicken was iguana.

Aside from this similarity, it is something that I would do again without a doubt and would definitely recommend to anyone who is offered it. It was surprisingly very good and while it felt a little odd to eat an iguana, it really did taste ‘just like chicken’.


So what do you think? Let me know!

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