Playboy Models and Mexican Politics

A couple of days ago, Monday 7th of May to be exact, was the first debate between the candidates looking to take presidency in July. However after the debate it has not been the candidates making their mark in world news.

jokes which surfaced after the debate via

jokes which surfaced after the debate via

‘Because the women are are demanding Thor for the second presidential debate of 2012’ via facebook

Rather than the politics of the debate being the center of attention, a provocatively dressed edecán (think hostess or promotions girls that can be found all over the country), Julia Orayen, who we only saw a glimpse of at the beginning of the debate seemed to steal the show. Later it surfaced that Julia had previously been a playboy model and of course her popularity soared, resulting in her becoming much more interesting than any of the ideas for combatting drugs and crime that were discussed by the candidates.

This, to me, is not very surprising as Mexicans love to make fun of their politics (actually, who doesn’t?) especially since, while there is hope for a change in the current political situation which has seen thousands die at the hands of a drug war, there is a widespread feeling that despite whoever wins, it’s just going to be the same old deal with new packaging. Keeping this in mind what better thing is there to do than make fun of the candidates and whoever decided that it was a good idea to mix Playboy with ‘serious’ politics.

image via

image via


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