Wish List: Amalfi Coast, Italy

Image via wikipedia.org

I know this doesn’t really have much to do with Latin America, which seems to plague my posts on a day to day basis, however given the chance I would travel anywhere I could to feed my curiosity of what exactly is still out there to be discovered. In fact, before I even got hooked on Latin America, Europe was first on my must visit asap list, Italy being pretty close to the top.

While it has always been somewhere I have wanted to visit it had kind of been put on the back burner, that is until today, when I was looking through the photographs of a friend who has recently been and was completely awestruck by the beauty of this place, namely the Amalfi Coast. Being someone who likes to promote less travelled places, I am well aware that it is very much on the beaten tourist track, being an UNESCO World Hertitage Site may account for the fact that a few thousand tourists that pass through there every year. Nevertheless, it’s sheer beauty makes me want to go there regardless of how many other tourists I may have to battle it out with to get around, find a spot on the beach and take a few good holiday snaps.

Since I haven’t been yet, I had to borrow these photos from the internet just so I could show you how glorious this place looks.

Image via andyvandyke.com

Image via nationalgeographic.com


It may be a while yet before I manage to get over there and do some exploring, however it has now shot up my wish list. Meanwhile I can thank my travelling friends on facebook and google for providing me with plentiful photos to daydream over.


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