Wish List: Rarotonga

If you’re from my part of the world – that is away in the middle of nowhere around about where New Zealand is, you would probably have heard of Rarotonga. If you haven’t heard of it think tropical pacific island, not yet over populated by foreign tourists and still with a taste of the rich local culture.

Rarotonga, the most populous island of the Cook Islands and once volcanic is also the youngest island of the group meaning that it has been less worn down than the others, remaining a lush tropical paradise waiting to be discovered. It is much less built up than the more well known island of Fiji and is rumored to be a great place for snorkeling and diving thanks to the lagoon embracing it’s white sandy beaches.

I am yet to wiggle my toes in these beaches so my commentary on this place leaves much to the imagination, but we can just think of it as me not spoiling the surprise. What does seem for sure however is that Rarotonga is not only a breathtaking, cast-away-ish island, but it is also the stepping stone to surrounding islands in the area and, let’s not forget, an amazing place to sit back, relax and experience the laid back polynesian culture.

I do not own these images – found via google images. 


6 responses to “Wish List: Rarotonga

  1. Rachel, Been there twice now such a relaxing holiday destination! Not a lot to do other than enjoy the water and sun and very laid-back.

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