Escaping The City To Tigre

Buenos Aires, as great as it is, can become a bit overwhelming at times even for the most weathered of city slickers. Fortunately, only a 20 minute ride from Retiro train station is Tigre, and what was for me, a much needed breath of fresh air.

Especially popular in the weekends, Tigre lies on the Paraná Delta and it’s streets with ice cream shops lining the river along with it’s open grassy spaces make for some great picnics.This charming town is also home to an amusement park, a market, plenty of delicious eating spots, amazing waffles and, if it takes your fancy, a boat trip down the river.

It is no action packed big city, it is the perfect short getaway and a great place to relax and recuperate before heading back to the big city life.


3 responses to “Escaping The City To Tigre

  1. Tigre really is a great day trip — the craft markets are different than those in Buenos Aires, and the catamaran rides on the river offer a view of some sweet little vacation cottages and “clubs.”

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