Candy Floss Fun At The Feria

As previously promised, here is my post on the ferias (fairs) going on around the region. Yes, surprisingly enough Mexico does have its fair share (no pun intended) of fairs which not only provide a good excuse to eat as much candy floss as you can but also are ideal to catch authentic lucha libre and local music artists in concert for only a few pesitos.

It definitely is fair season at the moment with them popping up all over the place in the small towns around the Veracruz region. Apart from being a great place to spend your hard earned money on clothes, shoes, trinkets, perfumes, toys, potential pets, giant lollypops and pretty much anything else you can think of, the ferias are a magnet for the young and old, from children to grandparents and are a great way to experience an common event around the world but with a little bit of a Mexican twist.

Aside from having great names like the coffee fair, fried pork fair and mango fair, Mexican fairs are not just the typical candy floss and overload of giant soft toys; taco and michelada stands, statues of the Virgin Mary as prizes, baby turtles for $5 pesos each, lucha libre, photos with giant sombreros and the beat of reggaeton and salsa wafting through the air are just some of the things which make a feria mexicana unique and something you should experience if you really want to get to know the local culture.



So what do you think? Let me know!

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