The Coffee Capital Of Mexico

Known as a Pueblo Mágico (magic town) and nestled in the mountains of Veracruz this small city has the claim to fame of being the coffee capital of Mexico and my place of work twice a week. Coatepec gets its name from Nahuatl, translating to hill where the snakes however you are just as unlikely to find snakes hanging around as you are to find sheep walking the streets in New Zealand (contrary to popular belief). Coatepec is actually is a picturesque little city, the central park lined with coffee shops and brimming with ice cream and churro stands, wide cobbled streets and colonial-esque houses all of which make this unexpectedly charming place what it is.

Although I go every week, I spend most of my time working, meaning I haven’t had a chance to really explore much beyond the park  and the delicious coffee which helps me get through my day. In saying this, Coatepec can easily be explored in a day so I should really get off my butt and go check it out properly one of these days. However in the meantime I will just leave you with a snapshot of the magic that you will find if you ever visit.


So what do you think? Let me know!

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