Wish List: Sri Lanka

Honestly, before spotting some pretty cool looking pictures on the internet, I hadn’t given much thought to Sri Lanka as a travel destination. In New Zealand, Sri Lanka is rather well heard of mainly thanks to the cricket along with the fair few Sri Lankans who immigrate to NZ shores. However, while it is well heard of it is not very well known about, few people knowing that it is one of India’s small neighbours, is home to 8 World Heritage Sites, is central to buddhist culture, has one of the longest documented histories in the world along with the oldest democracy in Asia and looks to be a tropical heaven – and I pretty much love anything to do with the tropics.

Sri Lanka seems to be a haven of culture, history and wildlife almost forgotten about compared to its larger and more famous pal India and one that has easily found its way onto my wish list. Enough rambling though, I will just cut to the chase and show you some of the photos that make this place look just so tempting.

Images by thetravelguru


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