On The Way To Machu Picchu

I took this photo on the way to Machu Picchu, probably one of the coolest things I have even seen in my life. Being on a budget and not wanting to pay big bucks we decided to go the back way via mini van and train, on the edges of certain death to reach our famous destination. This shot, as you can see was taken on more sturdy ground – I was too scared to stick my camera out the window in the valley of death (as I call it – I’m extremely scared of heights) to capture evidence as I was doing when I snapped this shot.

Anyway the point of only posting this photo is to let you know that there is more of this story to come. It is currently a work in progress, as in I have to now unearth all of my photos of the trip and remember all the fuzzy details, but I can promise you that it is on it’s way. I’ll keep you posted.


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