Wish List: Singapore

Image by jjcb

I know I have been doing quite a few posts about where I want to go rather than where I have been but it’s Singapore, I couldn’t resist. Who doesn’t want to go to Singapore? It has one of the highest quality of life ratings in the world, it’s clean, organized and is a cultural melting pot of Chinese, Indians and Malaysians, all creating a uniquely singaporean experience.

It has sights, shopping and nightlife which are all well known about and also boasts plenty of adventure from mountain biking to water skiing and leopard spotting to rock climbing. What’s more, it has maintained a nature reserve meaning escaping the big city is easily done in the large parts of forest where you can try your luck in monkey spotting.

It sounds like one of the coolest cities around and a unique one at that, one of my best friends who was lucky enough to visit a few months ago wrote to me and said (quote) ‘freaking.loved.the.place.’ Now what better recommendation is that? I’m sure if I ever get to go, I’ll freaking love the place too!

Image by edwin.11

Image by fabcan

Image by fabcan


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