Must Try Mondays: Inca Kola

Inca Kola really is one of the many amazing tastes of Peru. Now for a girl who doesn’t really like soft drink -or fizzy as we call it back home- I have to admit this was some pretty good stuff.

Image by fabulousfabs

You could say that it is the flavour of Peru, endless amounts of bottles of this drink can be found on Peruvian shelves and incredible quantities of merchandise contribute to the fact that it is an icon of this wonderful country. As I mentioned before, I am not a huge fizzy fan, however while in Peru I got on the Inca Kola train and could often be found drinking the golden beverage. It’s sweet flavour seems to go perfectly with Peruvian cuisine -which is delicious by the way- I loved it so much I began collecting the wrappers off the bottles and even bought an Inca Kola T-shirt. Unfortunately all these goodies are safely stored at my house in NZ so I cannot show you the result of an Inca Kola addiction.

Although it is only a soft drink it really is unique  and needless to say, no true Peruvian experience is complete without trying the beverage that Peruvians themselves love.

Image by imke.stahlmann


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