Mexico City Madness

Mexico City is mad. But in a good way. It’s probably more rad than mad. What I really want to say is that it’s an extraordinarily cool city.

While the idea of going to Mexico city can be daunting, which is not really surprising given that it is home to some 20 million people, it’s sophisticated chic meets Mexican culture style and it’s diversity make it a great place to explore. It may have the downfall of taking a while to get around but on the plus side it is much safer than many other cities around the country and, as someone once told me, it is a city where you can discover something new every time you visit.

In all honesty I was expecting it to be cramped and dirty with stale air filtering through the streets, however I was pleasantly surprised by the open spaces, cleanliness and fresh feel of the second largest city in the Americas.

I only had two days to explore the city which is pitifully little for such a huge place, meaning I only had a chance to see the immaculate Condesa and the action packed Centro as I was swept up and taken around by my local friends. Even though I had so little time to enjoy the city, the engaging atmosphere and buena onda locals easily won me over.

This city most definitely has many great things going for it – what other city just randomly unearths an ancient Aztec city from beneath it’s city center? Exactly! It is the epitome intriguing, a fusion of modernity and sophistication with traditional belief and ancient history all paired with a vibrant atmosphere that makes Mexico City so individual.

I love this city so soon I will share some great things to do and visit while you’re there, so stay tuned!



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