Decision Making Time

Blogosphere friends, I need some help. I need your advice.

Summer is just around the corner – even though it is already hot enough for summer here – which means I get my one week of holidays in July. Firstly I thought the whole deal with being a teacher was getting the rumored long summer holidays. I feel ripped off. Anyway since I love the beach we have decided to go to a beach for a few days and it is here where I have a dilemma. I have two options and I cannot decide.

Option 1: Take the family to the Riviera Maya just because it has some absolutely beautiful beaches and cenotes, ruins and other great stuff and my partner – who is Mexican – has never been! However this would mean forking out almost 2 months pay. Yes. 2 MONTHS. We really do get paid peanuts here in Mexico, they just say that they are pesos.

Riviera Maya by bgautrea

Option 2: Hop on down to Veracruz on the Gulf Coast, which I love by the way, but is in my backyard and it would be so much fun to go somewhere a bit further for my last holiday before Christmas. On the plus side it will be so much cheaper than the Riviera Maya. I seriously need to win the lottery one of these days if I want to keep working in Mexico.

Looking over the Port of Veracruz by SanGatiche

So dear friends and readers, help me out here. What should I do? Stay with the known close to home or pay up for something a little more exotic?


3 responses to “Decision Making Time

    • You should rule the world. Please do and grant us more holidays. There are just so many places to visit here and with only one week… maybe I will just pull a sickie and go for a bit longer!

      • I shall post my application immediately…In the meantime pull the sickie…..when my omnipotence is confirmed I will erase the records with a lightning bolt….

So what do you think? Let me know!

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