Cancun’s Underwater Wonder

If only I was close enough to Cancun I would be there. I can’t believe that prior to a few days ago I had no idea about the existence of Cancun’s Underwater Museum. Until now I had thought that Cancun was seriously overrated. Yes, it is beautiful but it always seem so touristic that it would be almost too much. Biased of me without having stayed there, I know.

That said, now that I have learnt about this underwater wonder, Cancun has won a few more brownie points. Considering that I lived and worked a whole two months in the Riviera Maya area without any knowledge of it’s underwater playground, I’m willing to give Cancun another chance.

Who knows what other wonders could be found there with a little exploration?

The MUSA of Museo Subacuático de Arte was a project started in 2009 and features of 450 life size figures by Jason deCaires Taylor and is suitable for both divers and snorkelers.  

Images by Coventur DMC


5 responses to “Cancun’s Underwater Wonder

  1. Gorgeous!!! I never thought of putting Cancun in my travel list due to the same tourist factor but this underwater museum is just mind blowing!

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