A Little About Mexico

Thanks to Mexico being my current home, a lot of my posts will have something to do with Mexico. Of all the Latin American countries I have visited, I have to say that Mexico is the most beautiful and diverse. I’m not saying that other countries aren’t beautiful – because they all really are – just that Mexico, to me, has something extra special.

It is a country who’s roots are in the famed Aztecs and Mayans, a country which, in the present day, has 291 living languages and has countless fascinating landscapes. Mexico is the home to many amazing and sometimes strange music genres and it’s veins pulse with dance rhythms which range from indigenous and folkloric to the popular salsa, bachata and reggaeton.

It is home to huge sombreros and crazy pointy boots. It really does have a bit of everything. Mexico’s everyday life is a perfect reflection of the famed magic realism of Latin America.

Sure, Mexico has it’s problems, it’s targeted by the news and almost everything reporting Mexico is about violence, drugs etc. However, you may be surprised to know, it’s not all about that. Yes, people here are very aware of the situation and what could happen, nonetheless, the majority of people carry on with their everyday lives and only occasionally witness the atrocities reported on the news.

If you are coming to Mexico it is very unlikely that you should leave the frequented, safe, tourist spots. It’s common sense. There are places in every city, in every country, which are usually avoided by most due to their reputation of being unsafe. If you come to Mexico and wander into places known to be unsafe and take part in illicit activities then there is a possibility of you turning up in the news, however if not, you will most likely go home unscathed – apart from maybe a few insect bites and some sunburn that is.

I for one have travelled quite a bit around Mexico (not all of it because it is huge); I have travelled alone by bus and road-tripped with friends through the states of Mexico, Veracruz, Tabasco, Chiapas, Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo. I have camped on beaches beside small towns in Veracruz and Tabasco. I have slept in a car in Campeche, camped beside cenotes in Yucatan and been invited to stay in the hut of a lovely family from a small town also in Yucatan. It was perfectly safe. I didn’t feel any threat to my safety at all the whole time. Apart from when I was an inch away from standing on a tarantula and also a scorpion and then almost ran over a little green snake on my bike, I was completely content.

So if you are thinking about coming to Mexico, don’t be deterred by the news, it is a beautiful place and you will find that most mexicans are very friendly people. It is a huge and beautiful country which has more uncovered treasures than you can even imagine.

If you are still interested, you can check out my posts on Mexico here.


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